High quality and highly decorated suits of plate. These would have cost a fortune to make and were as much of a work of art as they were armor.

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    MASS EFFECT 2 places

    Alchera and the Normandy’s crash site

    part I

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    In game renders (UE3) of my game PolyMorph

    I worked on enviro assets, hand painted textures, tile textures and concept art

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    The first of these was fun, the second was really troublesome ;v;

    Also, if anyone’s interested, I did a little interview here the other day!

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    Background art from The Road To El Dorado

    By Nathan Fowkes http://nathanfowkes.blogspot.co.uk/


    Black Light Bodyscapes by John Poppleton

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    Tropical Cathedral, by artist Klaus Wittmann.

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