Alexandra Khitrova:Fantasy Illustrations

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    Designer Alexandra Khitrova Discovers a New Career through Her Stunning Fantasy Concept Artby Christopher Jobson on May 17, 2014. The reaction online and off was swift, and Khitrova soon found herself working on increasingly complex drawings as she suddenly began to get commissions. Now, only a year later, she is already working with a team of writers and artists on a feature film.

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    High quality and highly decorated suits of plate. These would have cost a fortune to make and were as much of a work of art as they were armor.

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    MASS EFFECT 2 places

    Alchera and the Normandy’s crash site

    part I

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    In game renders (UE3) of my game PolyMorph

    I worked on enviro assets, hand painted textures, tile textures and concept art

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    The first of these was fun, the second was really troublesome ;v;

    Also, if anyone’s interested, I did a little interview here the other day!

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