Concept Art for The Elder Scrolls Online

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    Croatian teen Martina Stipan creates these dream-like wallpapers using a combination of photomanipulation and digital painting. [x]

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    Duelyst by shant

    These concepts are amazing! The colors are superb!

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    Beautifully detailed paintings by TheEchoDragon

    Concept art by LongJh

    Awesome art by hikaruga


    Animechs by Robert Chew

    The world would be cooler, if not better, place with large animal-like mechas in it. Robert put some insanely meticulous detail into these mobile combat companions, from Barn Owl Recon Units to Kingfisher Snipers, even explaining the mechanical nuances that allow them to move like their counterparts in the nature. You may not be able to “get in the fucking robot”, but when you’ve got a bigass canon, who’s gonna say you can’t ride your combat-ready Grizzly-Mech into battle with the rest of the Robot Bear Cavalry.

    Artist: DeviantArt / Blogspot

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    Fantastic illustrations by ElXi-Ameyn

    Beautiful art by Amanda-Kihlstrom


    Futuristic imaginings by artist Wang Rui.

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